"Many Business Owners Will Try To Ride Out The 'Crisis'. Most Will Fail... But Those Who Succeed Do So Because They Have Discovered the Secrets Only Found in "Up Your Business NOW!"

Recent praise for "Up Your Business NOW!"

"As the Sales & Marketing Director (and part owner), I am really aware of the importance of understanding the need to create leads, generate awareness and build your sales quickly and effectively - 'Up Your business NOW!' is a just a great book which tells you the absolutely critical things you have to get right if you want to ensure success. It is an easy read and clearly tells you the key things to do and how to do them - if you are serious about being successful then you have to pay attention to what is in this book.

Robert is passionate about helping businesses grow their business and understands the psychology of marketing and sales in a way that makes a practical difference."

John Rice
Sales & Marketing Director, Bowland Solutions UK

"Robert Culpepper has a unique ability of cutting through the chaff and simplifying the process of business. His book 'Up Your Business NOW!' should be seen as an insightful tool. 'A brain storm in print'. Reading the book helped us prioritize what needs to be done and just as importantly what does not need to been done. I would (with the exception of our competition) recommend this book to any small business that's looking for the edge."

David Trend, Director
Bowling Vision Ltd, England

"I found Robert's sales concepts a real inspiration and his ideas align amazingly well to any business environment, including my own - Insurance and Risk Management for medium to large plc's. As a consequence, my own personal focus towards achieving new sales and retaining existing clients has increased dramatically due to my being re-energized. I now 'think outside the box' and am always looking for new challenges and solutions to achieve my goals. Up Your Business NOW! is an extremely informative book and Robert's ideas are so simply articulated that I read it twice and gave a further copy to my UK Sales Director. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Chris Reading, A.C.I.I. Chartered Insurance Broker
Assistant Vice President
Marsh Limited, UK (with 24,000 employees in 103 countries)

"I have been in business for over twenty five years and after reading "Up Your Business NOW!" I was amazed how much insight about the business world I was missing. Mr. Culpepper deeply examines many business core principles and points out some critical elements to growing and managing your business. I have applied a few techniques and business has been much better. Thank you Robert you have opened my eyes to many of the aspects of business that I was missing".

Arthur Arquilla
Mailbox Station
Encinitas, California, USA

I just finished reading "Up Your Business NOW!" and wanted to write and tell you what a timely read it was for me. We are in the process of launching two new businesses in France and being good operators we've taken our usual diligent approach to feasibility, logistics and all of the operational issues before deciding to launch. However, being lazy marketers, the marketing issues were languishing around on the back seat. THANK GOD we read UYBN in time to get back on track. We have already put much of it into practice and it's really paying off, we have never had this much of a buzz around a new business and every time I think "well that's probably enough marketing" and switch to other tasks, I hear your words of wisdom ringing in my ears and get back to my desk.

This book should be handed out by Bank Managers to anyone asking for a business loan, it absolutely puts firmly into focus what needs to be done to succeed in business. I now have a weekly diary date to re-read a chapter of the book and make sure I put it into practice. Realizing that we are as much in the business of marketing as we are boat charter and motor home (RV) hire has been a revelation.

Anyone out there who cannot see the wood for the trees because they are too busy running their business NEEDS to read this book! It will change their approach and will give them the success they've been striving for.

Well done and a huge thank you from us.

Hannah and Phill Spurge
SARL Direction France

"I've known Robert for many years and have seen him in action. The guy's a business building champion and the fact he's willing to share his know-how with others will benefit all those who are eager to create increased results!"

Allard de Jong
Executive Coach
Barcelona, Spain

"The book is an interesting tool in order to start reviewing your business in a way that is very easy and practical. It's full of good tips. It's a very good to start to change. It makes you think about the way you need to grow your business".

Olivier Guerrero
Sitges (Barcelona), Spain
CBS Business Solutions
London, United Kingdom

I've just finished reading your book and I think it's great! You write very well, as if you are speaking to the reader and it's very easy to understand, follow and apply. I've already learnt a lot from it and have picked up some great tips! When's your next one out? :)

Hanna Angell
Surrey, England

Robert Culpepper is a proven leader and master salesperson. His wealth of knowledge and understanding of the customer-business dynamic will allow you to grow your company. He conveniently, concisely and skillfully reframes the customer relationship from a typical adversarial role into a partnership where all benefit.

"Up Your Business NOW!" is one of the few books that goes beyond theory and delves into real world ideas that can help you develop a business strategy that works, increase your sales and improve your business.

I think the most interesting fact you will learn is the secret formula to calculate the "real value" of your customers. Once you understand this, you will never look at your customer base the in the same way. And, once you apply this secret, your business will truly grow.

Rod Aries, President
Jaclind Corporation, San Diego, CA, USA
Owner of 25,000+ active business and e-commerce web sites

After I read Up Your Business NOW!I began applying the recommended financial analysis and business principles immediately with outstanding results. This practical approach to breaking down barriers, increasing profitability, and expanding and improving my customer base has helped improve all aspects of my business.

Dan Roberts, President
Linear Devices Corporation
Richmond, Virginia, USA

As a university teacher in France, teaching both English and Marketing this book has been a boon to my students. English is rapidly becoming the global language for communication in all fields, not just commerce and the younger generation of students in non-English speaking countries are aware of this and relaxed about it. In my classes I often have students who are studying both English and business related disciplines like marketing and English is a mandatory subject and not an option. English is a 'must pass' subject, without which they will not be awarded their degree.

However up until now it has been very hard to find interesting and relevant material which is not overly complex yet still suitable for business professionals and neither too simplistic and suitable only for school children. I often have to work with snapshots, extracts from magazines, journals, podcasts etc. Though very good they often do not show the whole picture.

But with the arrival of this book, which is well ordered in a logical fashion, simple to read and motivating, my students can now se clearly the route map through the basics of marketing in a language they know they will need to use and can apply what they learn not just in French, but in a English as well giving them instant access to the English speaking markets with confidence. They literally know they are speaking the same language as their English and American counterparts.

As a professional marketer myself, I have no problems using this book as a reference tool for both my marketing classes and English classes for the new breed of global businessmen and women who are about to set out on their careers. Now they can do it with just that little bit more confidence.

Richard Guest, MCIM
Director ATC - Foreign Office
Pau, France


About Robert Culpepper

As an Entrepreneur, Robert started his first business at age 16 by selling CD's through his own mail order brochure; with drill in hand he sold and installed door 'peep' holes by cold-calling home owners in wealthy neighborhoods. He also owned a vending machine route in San Diego, California; joined a team that originated the idea of using the internet to sell MLM products (way back in 1995); imported products from Indonesia then sold them in his day spa in San Clemente, California. He's been involved in publishing, engineering design, manufacturing, on-air radio production and broadcasting and international franchising... and more. 

As an Employee, Robert got his first job at age 14. Over seven years he worked himself through University in such glamorous roles as a bus boy, janitor, pizza delivery driver and lifeguard. He has been a key player in numerous small-business start-ups from a San Diego consulting firm to a bio-tech software company in Oxford, England. He's also worked as a corporate executive in two Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley, California. In 2002, he co-founded a brick-and-click training company in Barcelona, Spain that eventually he grew into 17 Spanish speaking countries and which he went on to sell in 2008. In his last assignment he was recruited from France to launch one of the largest "Daily Deal" companies in the South West region of the UK."

"Robert knows first-hand the hard-work, long-hours and challenges you face everyday as a business owner or corporate employee. He wants to help you reap the greatest profits from your work while reducing your time and stress."

You've missed another office lease payment. You have not taken a salary home for three-months. And it looks like you will have to borrow money from the bank – again – to meet payroll.

OR, this one...

You've taken another 5-day weekend off to go camping with the family. You've just made the Sunday Times 100 Best Run Small Companies and even during the so called 'recession', your company is going to have its best year ever.

YOU - not the politicians or the 'crisis'- get to choose which story is yours. If you're ready to take your business to the next level then you've got to read the rest of this letter right now...

First, let me tell you what this eBook is NOT. It is not some theoretical, fluff filled tome with useless, untested and unproven strategies thrown haphazardly into a research paper.

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Imagine a profit producing business where you come and go as you please. You call the shots. And you love answering the question, "How's business?" Now you can make giant steps toward this goal TODAY with, "Up Your Business NOW!"

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Prepare to be SHOCKED! You'll discover this simple formula that you can use to increase your sales 20 to 300% and more

Learn what PR agencies, online and off-line promoters and even so-called 'marketing consultants' have lied to you about traditional 'advertising'

You'll find out how to grow your business just by following a simple proven process – ANYONE can do this!

You'll discover how to Achieve Outstanding Business Success – even if you've never run a business before ...Page 27

A profitable, successful, enjoyable business is possible – but only when you know these Eight Personal Qualities for Success ...Page 31

No more guesswork! You'll learn What Your Customers Really Want ...Page 60

AND a simple but powerful chart to learn how your customers really 'see you' ...Page 62

Find out what one thing you MUST do to guarantee your business success ...Page 69

Are you desperate to see your business grow?... Learn why people buy! ...Page 77

Knowing How To Profitably Attract Quality Customers is key to your success ...Page 90

You'll discover a deceptively simple ways to Convert Your Customers To Advocates Who Actively And Enthusiastically Refer You To Others ...Page 92

You'll discover the ridiculously easy way to keep your customers for life ...Page 93

You'll be SHOCKED to learn the 4 Primary Ways to Grow Your Business that no one else is telling you! Once you know these secrets, you'll create more business than you ever thought possible ...Page 97

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SORRY the paper backs have sold out
but get the eBook and Action Planner for Only $9.00!*
*If you are an AWAI Spec Challenge writer, send an email to: rob@uybn.com and once you're confirmed as an attendee, I will see that the eBook is forwarded to you at no charge. 




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